Canvas is a Learning Management System which can be accessed from the Google Apps available for users.

In the main SIDE BAR, you may the following functions.

  • ACCOUNT: Information about the student
  • COURSE: Courses students are enrolled to.
  • CALENDAR: Specific dates and deadlines
  • INBOX: Messaging section to communicate/ e-mail teacher.

For each course, the MENU (Left) has the following functions

  • PAGES are where most lessons are shown
  • MODULES are where the collection of Pages, Files, Quizzes, are arranged for file management.
  • ASSIGNMENTS is where exercises, papers are given
  • QUIZZES is where quiz assessments can be found
  • PEOPLE is where you can find information about faculty and students
  • CHAT is where you can directly communicate with PEOPLE
  • GRADES show your specific grade and standings
  • FILES is where documents are available.

For each course, the right panel shows the notifications in terms of the calendar and the to-do lists.